Sunday, November 11, 2012


In 20 more days is my birthday, 16 more days for my First anniversary <3and in 45 more days is Christmas!!! :D my favorite season on the whole year (sometimes) because when it's summertime I usually say that summer is the best season of the year, I can't make up my mind. Since is going to be my daughter first thanksgiving and Christmas I want to do something super extra special, so I am starting to do crafts but I do not know what yet, but I am really excited :3 The start of a new season, the start of something new...


  1. wow se te vienen todas de una! mucha buena vibra para tus próximos días, te leo para ver como te fue.

  2. y se me olvido thanksgiving hahaha :) que ahora me toca hacer cena pff