Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Worst Feeling in the World

My parents seating in front of us, wondering if what they had in their minds was true. My boyfriend (at that time) had to talk first because I knew that at the moment I open my mouth I was going to cry and anything was going to be said. He started by saying how much he appreciated them and how much he love them, and that he was very disappointed of his action, well both of our actions, and finally..that...I...was...pregnant, and he was really sorry, that  he betrayed their love, and he was going to be there for everything, and he wanted to get marry with me, it didn't matter when but sooner the better. We didn't care that if I got marry with a big tummy, so we planned on December or January so everyone could be here for the holidays and our wedding. Okay back to the story. After Guido said everything my mom was devastated, she cry a lot, she was brokenhearted, she was disappointed of our choices, shoe couldn't believe it, and in the other hand try not to break into tears, he was holding his broken voice. After crying for a little while they started saying what they thought of the situation, and that they will be there for us, for all the choices that we made, no matter what and they love us. That they will hold our hand and helps us in everything they can. I thank God for parents like that, that I don't deserved them, and when I grow up (well a little more) I want to be just like them.

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