Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Time of the year to vote. Just 7 days before knowing who is going to be president. United States is always close-minded and a very brainwashed country, the only thing I have to say is "If we gave George Bush a chance, we should let Obama have a second chance". I know he has promise a lot of things, like all the past presidents, and in addition He is not finish with his term, he has 4 more years to accomplish what he promise. Is not the end of the world America, our president is black and usually racist people are the majority in the United States. I am christian and usually every christian that I know is thinking about voting for Romney, I know that he is using christian values like pro-life, pro-regular marriage, and all that kind of stuff but that's what his party is all about, in reality we don't see the whole picture. I know we shouldn't mix religion with politics but for example, if I was running for president and I was pro-life, pro-everything, etc... but I was a Muslim would you vote for me for president? (pretend I am a man), mmm I don't think so. Romney is a Mormon and for EVERY christian out there, Christians and Mormons are not the same (so please check what you believe first). I know that I should be voting for my beliefs but I also want a bright future for my baby, and with Obama I can see more light than with Romney. Romney is just a war pig as Bush and McCain. I just want a better world for my daughter because that's what the future is all about. A better place. Forward

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Execution Time

Okay back to my story.
Parents. Dad and Mom. My best friends. The people that gave me life. It was execution time, time to tell my parents what was going on, and why we were acting sooo strange. I thought they were going to kill me, well both of us, that they will not want to look into our eyes, and make us go away and never come back. My boyfriend was so nervous, but me I was MORE nervous than ever, I didn't wanted to say anything, I though that everything was a dream. I couldn't do it. We were in the living room and my parents were in their room, I was so frighten until my boyfriend push me through the hallway until I got in front of the door. My hand were shaking, I couldn't do it, I couldn't break their hearts, I couldn't tell them, I couldn't open the door, I couldn't look into their eyes, I couldn't talk without crying, I couldn't. But something on me open the door and walk through the room, I just remember how happy they looked and how happy they were, Then I say "Can you please come to the living room, Guido has something to say", I could see into my parents face that their only thought would be "PLEASE God,don't be pregnant". I just knew what they were thinking. I was so disappoint of myself, the only thing I could was "How dumb I was".

Friday, October 19, 2012

Breakfawr Time

So I really wanted to try something new for my newly husband, and I wanted to make him happy with a new breakfast. I really don't know how to cook, I just got married okay! (like 10 months ago) I am learning but I have seen that I am really good...lol. This is my new creation "Egg inside Bread". I know it already exists but my husband doesn't (I think).
Awesome, that's what I thought when I had the egg inside the circle inside the bread. If you want to do this here are the instructions.
-1 egg
-1 piece of bread
-ham or bacon or whatever you want
-knife or cookie cutter
-vegetable oil
-Black pepper(only if you want)
                     First put the bread inside the toaster, so the bread is crispy and delicious.

          Then put vegetable oil in the pan. I prefer vegetable oil in the spray so you don't use too much.

                                 This is the picture of the two lucky eggs that my husband will eat.

   Then put the ham when you see that the pan is ready and hot,cook the ham or bacon until desire crispness
Meanwhile your ham or bacon is cooking, you use your cookie cutter or a knife (like me because I don't have a cookie cutter) and cut a circle in the middle, try to be as perfect as you can.

                                                         then put it on the pan with ham.

        then crack the egg on the top of the circle, so all the egg falls inside the circle. (the egg was stupid)
                                    Finally flip it when you see that the bottom is a little bit cooked

My husband loved "MY" creation, he said that I am getting better <3

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pee on this???

After the denying, the test came. The pregnancy test, I don't what I was afraid of, or in reality I just didn't wanted to know what was coming after the test. My boyfriend bought it, he was just as scared as I was but he was more calm. At first I was 'NO, I am NOT doing it" and dancing around nervously with test on my hand because I didn't wanted to do it, until my boyfriend push me to the restroom and lock me in there (I think I need it pressure) I looked at the pregnancy test for many (a lot) of minutes, I was nervous because I didn't wanted to know the outcome. It was kind of creepy to pee on top of something and then tells you if you are pregnant or not. Finally I did it...then started crying like if someone had died, I open the door to see the face of my boyfriend hoping that everything was okay but he saw that my tears were of disappointment and sadness. Everything crash on top of us, the feelings, the emotions, the what if's. But my boyfriend hug me and then told me looking at my eyes "Everything will be alright, we have each other and that's what matters the most" and kiss me in the forehead. (I think he only cry a little bit) At that moment I knew we were together on this, and that he wouldn't left me and run away. Now the next step was ....telling everyone.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is this Real Life?

At the beginning of last summer, I didn't know what to think. I try to forget it and even to denied it. Everything was so confusing that I just thought that everything was a dream and I was going to wake up any moment. But the days pass and I knew it wasn't a dream. When I knew what was going on, my biggest fear was telling my parents even do I have great communication with them, I was scared because I knew I broke their hearts and disobey. I knew God was looking at me and maybe saying "I told you but you don't care", I knew he still love me anyway, but my parents I didn't know what they were going to think. Everything started on June 10, 2011. in the afternoon, when my boyfriend and I couldn't decided on what to do at night. We were invited to a party with our friends, my boyfriend didn't wanted to go but I insisted and then told him "I don't want to go anymore", but then decided to go. (Yes, we are very undecided) The night pass and the hours pass. One of the things I can remember is calling my mom and telling her to bring my bigger sister, but she was already sleep. I drank like a lot but didn't care (something I regret) so when it was time for me to leave, my boyfriend took me to my house, and there is a big space __________________________________________________  that I am not going to share or get into details. But yeah, the biggest mistake of my life.  There is so many times that I think about "What if..." but its stupid to think about them. This is my life, and I will live it to the fullest, and I am happy and that's what matters the most.