Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Time of the year to vote. Just 7 days before knowing who is going to be president. United States is always close-minded and a very brainwashed country, the only thing I have to say is "If we gave George Bush a chance, we should let Obama have a second chance". I know he has promise a lot of things, like all the past presidents, and in addition He is not finish with his term, he has 4 more years to accomplish what he promise. Is not the end of the world America, our president is black and usually racist people are the majority in the United States. I am christian and usually every christian that I know is thinking about voting for Romney, I know that he is using christian values like pro-life, pro-regular marriage, and all that kind of stuff but that's what his party is all about, in reality we don't see the whole picture. I know we shouldn't mix religion with politics but for example, if I was running for president and I was pro-life, pro-everything, etc... but I was a Muslim would you vote for me for president? (pretend I am a man), mmm I don't think so. Romney is a Mormon and for EVERY christian out there, Christians and Mormons are not the same (so please check what you believe first). I know that I should be voting for my beliefs but I also want a bright future for my baby, and with Obama I can see more light than with Romney. Romney is just a war pig as Bush and McCain. I just want a better world for my daughter because that's what the future is all about. A better place. Forward

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