Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pee on this???

After the denying, the test came. The pregnancy test, I don't what I was afraid of, or in reality I just didn't wanted to know what was coming after the test. My boyfriend bought it, he was just as scared as I was but he was more calm. At first I was 'NO, I am NOT doing it" and dancing around nervously with test on my hand because I didn't wanted to do it, until my boyfriend push me to the restroom and lock me in there (I think I need it pressure) I looked at the pregnancy test for many (a lot) of minutes, I was nervous because I didn't wanted to know the outcome. It was kind of creepy to pee on top of something and then tells you if you are pregnant or not. Finally I did it...then started crying like if someone had died, I open the door to see the face of my boyfriend hoping that everything was okay but he saw that my tears were of disappointment and sadness. Everything crash on top of us, the feelings, the emotions, the what if's. But my boyfriend hug me and then told me looking at my eyes "Everything will be alright, we have each other and that's what matters the most" and kiss me in the forehead. (I think he only cry a little bit) At that moment I knew we were together on this, and that he wouldn't left me and run away. Now the next step was ....telling everyone.

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