Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Is this Real Life?

At the beginning of last summer, I didn't know what to think. I try to forget it and even to denied it. Everything was so confusing that I just thought that everything was a dream and I was going to wake up any moment. But the days pass and I knew it wasn't a dream. When I knew what was going on, my biggest fear was telling my parents even do I have great communication with them, I was scared because I knew I broke their hearts and disobey. I knew God was looking at me and maybe saying "I told you but you don't care", I knew he still love me anyway, but my parents I didn't know what they were going to think. Everything started on June 10, 2011. in the afternoon, when my boyfriend and I couldn't decided on what to do at night. We were invited to a party with our friends, my boyfriend didn't wanted to go but I insisted and then told him "I don't want to go anymore", but then decided to go. (Yes, we are very undecided) The night pass and the hours pass. One of the things I can remember is calling my mom and telling her to bring my bigger sister, but she was already sleep. I drank like a lot but didn't care (something I regret) so when it was time for me to leave, my boyfriend took me to my house, and there is a big space __________________________________________________  that I am not going to share or get into details. But yeah, the biggest mistake of my life.  There is so many times that I think about "What if..." but its stupid to think about them. This is my life, and I will live it to the fullest, and I am happy and that's what matters the most.

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