Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ENG 1312

For my English Final I had to do a video, it was a group project. I hate group projects
Because No one does what it suppose to!
At the beginning, we were three but in the middle of the project one of my team mates decides to drop the class because it was to hard -.- I almost dieee! I couldn't believe it and the worst thing was that the other girl from my team disappear and appear (I think she was a magician or something), so actually I was the only one who was so stress about the project because it was not only the video, we had to presented too     o.O
It was crazy!, but until one week before the video was due, we contact each other.
We got together on Friday and the video was due on Sunday pfff    :S 
It was 2 o'clock and the girl had to leave (I don't remember the reason) but since I had done most of the video, she wanted to take what we done and she will finish it at her home but we were kind of rookies using a MAC  so we couldn't send the imovie to the USB.
Like the good person I am (sometimes) I told her that I will stay and finish the video (sadly it was my birthday D: ) I stay there until 5 o' clock ...
But I FINISH it ;), I felt so accomplish but now I just have to wait for the grade :/

This is my video, if you want to watch it:

I will upload a Recipe for "Rainbow Spaghetti"
later :)

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