Friday, December 7, 2012

Pa Pa Panamericano

Every time I hear that song I remember my hunny.
My hunny is mexican so I will make him a citizen of this country (another reason why I voted for Obama), but usually the both of us are very undecided or we kind of leave everything for last (my mom REALLY hates that) but I know that this will only be right now. Hey we are young, we make mistakes, and we are learning Okay!! but Finally we submitted all the papers that we need, so we are very relieved. The problem is that he has a student visa and he will be graduating on December :) (yeiiiii) so the visa will expire on december so we finally submitted the papers after a year becuase if we didn't submitted them, he would had to return to mexico :$ and that wouldn't be nice. But know we have to pray that they will accept it :)

Luna favorite movie is Happy Feet is really funny, she  is only 9 months old and she gets all excited x3 hahaha is so funny, I really don't know why, the only thing i can think of is the they sing and the movie is very bright .

comments: what's your favorite childhood movie???

mine is "The nightmare before christmas" :3 I loooove that movie, I know all the lyrics evn some dialogue

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